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22 Movie Vocabulary Words:

1. Sequel – a book, movie, etc., that continues a story begun in another book, movie, etc.
(उत्तर कथा)

2. Prequel – a movie, book, etc., that tells the part of a story that happened before the story in another movie, book, etc.
(एक किताब या फिल्म जोकि किसी फिल्म के पहले आती है, और जिसमें उस फिल्म की कहानी का कुछ भाग होता है)

3. Debut – the first time an actor, musician, athlete, etc., does something in public or for the public.
(प्रथम अभिनय)

4. Cameo – a small role in a movie, play, etc., that is performed by a well-known actor
(किसी प्रसिद्ध कलाकार द्वारा किसी नाटक या फिल्म में निभाया गया छोटा सा रोल)

5. Adaptation – something that is adapted; especially : a movie, book, play, etc., that is changed so that it can be presented in another form.
(रूपांतरण; कोई फिल्म किताब या नाटक जिसको बदल कर किसी और रूप में प्रस्तुत किया गया हो.)

6. Stunt – an unusual or difficult performance or act.
(खतरनाक करतब)

7. Plot – the plan or main story (as of a movie or literary work)

8. Dialogue – the things that are said by the characters in a story, movie, play, etc.

9. Cast – the actors in a play, film, or television show.

10. Character – a person in a story or play.

11. Epic – a long book, movie, etc., that usually tells a story about exciting events or adventures.
(जिस में वीरों का वर्णन हो)

12. Trailer – give advance publicity to (a film, broadcast, or proposal) by releasing extracts or selected details.
(जिसमें फिल्म का कुछ विवरण हो और जो अक्सर विज्ञापन के काम आती है.)

13. Appearance – an act of performing or participating in a public event.
(एक अभिनेता की प्रस्तुति)

14. Credits – publicly acknowledge a contributor’s role in the production of (something published or broadcast)
(आभार सूची)

15. Genre – a particular type or category of movie:

1. Romcom – a romantic comedy.
(रोमानी कोमेडी)

2. Thriller – a novel, play, or film with an exciting plot, typically involving crime or espionage.

3. Sci-fi – short for science fiction.
(वैज्ञानिक साहित्य)

4. Comedy – a genre of film that uses humor as a driving force.

5. Horror – is a genre that aims to create a sense of fear, panic, alarm, and dread for the audience.
(दहशत देने वाली)

6. Chick flick – Chick flick is a slang term for the film genre dealing mainly with love and romance which is targeted to a female audience. It can be specifically defined as a genre in which a woman is the protagonist.
(जिसमें महिलाओं की भूमिका ज़्यादा होती है और जिसमें प्यार और रोमांस दिखाया जाता है.)

7. Action – This genre type includes films that have tremendous impact, continuous high energy, lots of physical stunts and activity.
(जिसमें लड़ाई झगड़ा, और स्टंट ज़्यादा होता है)

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