12 Words Related To Room & Place | Rahul REX Official

1. Shed – छप्पर,कुटिया

A separated building from the house usually for storing garden tools.

2. Loft – मचान

A room or space directly under the roof of a house or other building, used for accommodation or storage.

3. Attic – अटारी

A space or room inside or partly inside the roof of a building.

4. Cellar – तहखाना

A room below ground level in a house, often used for storing wine or coal.

5. Basement – तहखाना

Room below ground level, with windows, used for living and working.

6. Landing – सीढ़ियों के उप्पर जगह

Flat area at the top of a staircase.

7. Porch – प्रवेश द्वार के पहले ढकी हुई जगह

Covered area before the entrance door.

8. Pantry or larder – रसोई भंडार

A room or large cupboard for storing food.

9. Terrace or patio – छत

Paved area between the house and garden for sitting and eating, etc.

10. Study – पढ़ने की कोठरी

A room for reading, writing, studying in.

11. Balcony – बालकनी

An area with a wall or bars around it that is joined to the outside wall of a building on an upper level.

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