First Name “Rahul” Letters Meaning || Rahul REX Official

All letters found in a name are believed to have their own meanings in Astrology .

“R” AHUL ( letter R ):

People who have a R in the name have a good visual imagination and great skills to empathize . R stands for distribution and mind . Moreover an R represents the element of fire . And the fire is well known matter change . This letter can sometimes make you moody . It brings extra energy to the earth and your etheric body.

Positive: Sees possibilities. Even- tempered . Stable . Compassionate . Tolerant . Peacemaker .
Negative : Short -tempered .

R “A” HUL ( letter A ):

All individuals who have a name starting with A are ruled by the sun . People who have an A in their name are creative , powerful and often successful . A is a creation letter and stands for consciousness , stability and the beginning . The A is similar to a house , a skeleton of a pyramid or a ladder . This means you can climb up and see the world . All names starting with this letter such as Alexander or Anton were often incarnated in Atlantis . A stands for wisdom and provision , the connection to the platonic world . In this life , you have a duty to say something, to develop or discover something creative .

Positive: Leader . Confident . Adventurous . Determined. Enterprising . Courageous .
Negative : Arrogant .

RA “H” UL ( letter H):

Persons who have an H in the name are sometimes very brooding . H looks very stable as a letter kind of like a ladder and allows increase in knowledge . This makes people with a H more committed , purposeful and attentive to others . You can fascinate other people and have golden ideas . The biggest task for these people is to learn to think in the present and act.

Positive: Successful . A natural money maker . Business acumen. Nature lover . Self-contained .
Negative : Self -absorbed .

RAH “U” L ( letter U ):

If your name starts with the letter U then you are ruled by the planet sun . You are a recipient of cosmic energy. The U is a transformer of knowledge from the past and from the present . U is an energy concentrator . Therefore people with an U in their names bring new ideas to market and get people behind them . You can be blinded by the instantaneous success . On the other hand this letter brings ease and lightness that can be used to avert disasters .

Positive: Clever . Collector . Freedom loving . Good social reputation. Creative .
Negative : Indecisive .

RAHU “L” ( letter L ):

Letter L is divine . People who have an L the name are agile and lively . These are people who go through life without intellectual arrogance and accomplish many tasks. The L looks like a scythe and thus energy harvest is integrated in this letter . This frequency can sometimes make untrue or demanding . In any case the L teaches us to keep our soul in order .

Positive: Balanced . Charitable . Well -adjusted . Managerial . Kind . Intellectual .
Negative : Accident -prone .



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